Elite EMS have a set of core values and strategic themes jointly developed with staff that underpin the culture of the Company and support our vision for the future of Elite EMS

Core values

  • Teamwork – delivering high performance through inclusive and collaborative approaches which values diversity.
  • Innovation – continuous improvement through empowerment of our people.
  • Professionalism – setting high standards and delivering what we promise.
  • Caring – for our patients and each other.

Strategic Themes

  • Clinical excellence – improving clinical outcomes, ensuring patient safety, and providing a positive patient experience.
  • Operational excellence – achieving response time performance standards, resilience and efficiency.
  • Effective customer relationships – developing whole system solutions and seamless pathways of care.
  • Value for money and a strong financial standing.
  • Leadership, staff engagement and a learning culture – developing the workforce, motivating and enabling our people to deliver excellence.
  • A network of high quality emergency and non emergency contracts.

The Company’s strategy is to provide a high quality service and, to be a major contender within the private sector.

Our vision is to grow in strength and maintain a 21st century market position by providing training for staff above the expected sector level, incorporating  patient views and ideas relating to service provision.

Mission Statement

To provide a financially stable solution that offers a high quality patient driven service through a highly trained, motivated and committed workforce