Our Bariatric Service is designed to provide a safe and dignified transport solution to those whose weight, or condition require specialist transport.

With a quarter of men and women aged 16 or over classified as obese*, and figures predicted to rise, the need for specialist bariatric ambulance provision has become increasingly more important.

Bariatric patients generally have limited mobility and decreased lung capacity because of the weight of the chest wall. This reduces the patient’s ability to assist during movement. Problems other than handling their weight arise because patient handling equipment, buildings and facilities are not designed for large body masses and shapes. Availability and accessibility of specialist equipment is often limited and particular demands are placed upon carers throughout the patient journey with regard to patient lifting and movement.

Traditional ambulances and equipment such as stretchers have limited capacity and the combined weight of the stretcher and a bariatric patient may exceed the capacity of restraints in the vehicle in the event of sudden deceleration.

Many organisations that have an occasional requirement to transport bariatric patients are limited by the vehicles available to them, at times the weight of the patient exceeding their normal bariatric transport options.

Choose to use Elite EMS to handle your bariatric patient transfers and you’ll receive a fully equipped specialist ambulance, staffed by experienced personnel that have the ability to drive on blue lights and are familiar with conveying bariatric patients with special regard to their dignity and respect.

The Elite EMS bariatric service incorporates a specialist support unit that contains cutting edge lifting and handling equipment designed to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

At Elite EMS we have the expertise to handle these situations safely, securely and cost effectively.

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