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Mental Health TRANSPORT

At Elite EMS we understand the unique requirements needed to transport psychiatric patients, whether it be to or from home, into or out of hospital, inter-hospital transfers, to court, to or from hospital to prison or even abroad.

We can provide the most appropriate means of transport for your requirements 24 hours a day all year round. Regardless of the patients risk assessment, at Elite EMS we have the correct level of resources and trained staff to confidently manage safe and secure patient transport across the country. In order to ensure this Elite EMS invest heavily in specially converted vehicles to allow for comfortable and secure transfers. Elite EMS have a number of vehicles are covert to ensure patient anonymity whilst in transit and come fitted with Home Office approved category A Cells. These Cells may be required to transfer the patient pending their individual risk assessment, if their risk assessment is low then the patient will travel in the comfort of our crew compartment which is where our staff and your escorts will also travel.

In the event of any emergency, perhaps the patient is required to get to a location quickly or you require our crews urgently, then our professional drivers can activate emergency lights to allow for our safe and steady progress through traffic giving our crews the best possible chance of minimising any delay of travel time.