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Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA) Aylesbury


We are looking for highly motivated and experienced NEPTS PTS drivers to join our busy Non-Emergency Patient Transport team at Elite EMS. You will have a vital role in delivering a high-quality Patient Transport Service, which supports our organisation in delivering an efficient patient transport service across different sites through effective and efficient transport protocols, and in accordance with policies and procedures and the required level of competence.

The role will be required to work a range of shifts, across 7 days per week to the support the core objective of the contract, this can include unsociable hours & bank holiday.

Duties to include the movement of patients by using wheelchairs carry chairs, stretchers and patients that are car suitable. They are also responsible for completing a dynamic risk assessment of patients before they are transported in non-emergency situations.


  • To crew vehicles based at any of our Make Ready Centres

  • To convey patients between hospital treatment and their home and to      ensure their comfort and safety at all times during transit

  • To always provide a high-quality client centred service

  • To carry up to a maximum capacity of patients on the PTS vehicles,      whilst maintaining strict appointment times

  • To maintain communication with PTS Control, enabling the addition or      cancellation of patients as necessary

  • Participate in a rota system covering any shift required for the      Service

  • Always maintain dignity and individuality of patients, and ensure      their needs are met, including toileting and feeding as necessary

  • Provide support including the lifting, pulling, carrying and pushing      of patients weighing up to and over 150kgs between home, treatment centres      and vehicle using the appropriate equipment / techniques

  • Be responsible for the security of any drugs and patient notes      carried and ensure they are handed over to the appropriate person at the      destination

  • Ensure that a correct patient handover is carried out

  • Administer clinical gasses as and when appropriate if qualified

  • Complete all appropriate documentation to the standards required in      line with Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Good driving skills with the ability to provide a safe and      comfortable journey for patients of different mobilities and dependencies

  • Make sure that all patients and escorts have seat belts and/or      restraining straps correctly fitted during transit

  • Take patients only to destinations directed by control, and ensure      prompt pick up and arrival times

  • When collecting the patient, ensure they are assisted to the vehicle      and the home is made secure where appropriate

  • On return, assist the patient to the appropriate room and ensure      they are comfortable and safe and secure before leaving

  • Ensure vehicle interiors are always maintained in line with      Infection Prevention and Control standards.

  • Maintain communications with the PTS control room in order that they      can alter your work pattern as needed to operate the service efficiently

  • Attend all training as required and take ownership of your training

  • Complying with all elements of the Employee Handbook.

  • Wear appropriate company uniform in line with the company uniform      policy. Including utilisation of necessary PPE.

  • React quickly, effectively, and assertively to evolving situations.

  • Suitable completion of Incident Reports and complying with all      investigatory requests.

  • Promoting a safe, caring environment, championing dignity and respect      for all patients

  • Work in a positive manner with all external agencies.

The job description is not intended to be exhaustive, and it is likely that duties may be altered from time to time in the light of changing circumstances, after consultation with the post holder.

We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate that they have actually delivered tangible impact for patients in the health and social care system where they have worked. This may include experience developing particular care pathways, working across health and social care or within care settings

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